Please join us at the October 18th MVBA General Meeting held at The Belvedere at 1 E. Chase Street at 7:30 pm to hear about the bike tracks and bike share stations throughout the community.  That evening, Jay Decker from the Department of Transportation (DOT) will be providing information on this topic.   Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about the bike tracks and bike share stations!


We will also hear from candidates that would like to run for the two MVBA board positions that we will vote on at our November general meeting.


As always our general membership meetings are free and open to the public, members and non-members alike. Meetings begin at 7:30, so please join us to discuss important issues and events that affect all of us in Mount Vernon.

MVBA Trees Third Thursday Fundraiser at The 13th Floor - Oct. 20, 6-9 p.m.


MVBA is excited to partner with Belvedere & Co. on a fundraiser on The 13th Floor at the Belvedere on Oct. 20th at 6-9 p.m. to benefit our neighborhood's tree planting effort.

Now that The 13th Floor is operating as an event space, this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy its one-of-a-kind atmosphere and breathtaking views of Mt. Vernon. The event is also part of MVBA's ongoing Third Thursday happy hours, and provides a great opportunity to get to know your neighbors.

Tickets should be purchased beforehand on the event's Eventbrite site at this link

Tickets cost $16.82 a piece ($15 plus an Eventbrite fee) and cover admission and heavy appetizers throughout the evening.  Drinks will be available at the 13th Floor bar at special happy hour pricing.

A portion of proceeds from the event will be generously donated by Belvedere & Co. to support MVBA's tree planting effort. MVBA is always raising funds to create new tree pits and provide needed mulch, gator bags, and compost for our young trees. 

Please contact or

for more information.


MVBA Tree Planting & Maintenance Event


Join us to plant new trees and prep the neighborhood's existing trees for winter on Saturday Oct. 22, 2016 from 9:00 to 1:00 pm! We'll meet up at a local coffee shop (TBA) and end with lunch for volunteers at Trinacria Cafe.


This is a rain-or-shine event, so please dress for the weather. Wear closed-toe shoes, and bring work gloves if you have them. We recommend bringing a water bottle.


We're collecting volunteer registrations through Eventbrite, so please register here:


Clean & Beautiful Committee


Are you interested in seeing our community more clean and beautiful?   Do you have some great ideas to share around this topic?  If so, please join us for the MVBA's Clean & Beautiful Committee meeting on Tuesday, October 25th at 6:00 pm at 12 W. Madison Street.  Michele Richter will be hosting the event and welcomes your participation.


If you have any ideas and cannot make the meeting, please feel free to send your ideas via email to  Thank you!


Resident Parking Permits


This year's RPP Permit Pickup Sessions took place at a new location, the Indigo Hotel. For years, permits were picked up at the original offices of the Midtown Benefit District on Calvert Street, and more recently, at the Belvedere Condominiums hosted by the Belvedere & Co.  Our thanks to Jason Curtis and his terrific staff at the Indigo Hotel on Franklin Street for hosting the pickup sessions in their Library.  While the first week was a little slower than in the past, applications for renewals were also less than usual.  However, the second week was almost non-stop throughout the two evenings from 5 pm to 8 pm.


Our thanks to Regina Minniss for her assistance, noting that Regina has been helping with the pickup sessions for a number of years.  In addition, a big thanks to Jason House for his second season in assisting with the process.  Without their help, the pickup sessions would have created considerable waiting times to pick up permits.


Ever wonder what the single biggest issue is when residents appear to pick up their permits?  Vehicle registration!  Residents often forget to bring them. Quite simply, the program is more about the vehicle, the address it is registered to and to whom.  Given the limited number of RPP parking spaces and the sheer number of permits issued in most neighborhoods, assuring that the vehicle and its driver is eligible to participate in the program helps to provide parking opportunities for legitimate residents with permits.  So next year, or any other time you may be picking up a new or replacement permit, don't forget your vehicle registration!


Please note that if you missed the annual pickup session at Hotel Indigo, you can still pickup parking permits at the Parking Authority.  For more information visit


The Spires Series



Presented by First & Franklin Presbyterian Church




Friday, October 21, 2016 - 8:00 p.m.


The Thirteen is an all-star professional choir known for inspired and powerful live performance. Founded in 2012, the choir is excited to call Washington DC its new home.


This memorial concert, "Reincarnations," features a diverse and engaging program of masterworks new and old, including the American premiere performance of Thomas Tallis' epic Ave Dei patris lia, Samuel Barber's touching Reincarnations, and the virtuosic and infectiously-fun I'll Fly Away by Pulitzer Prizewinning composer Caroline Shaw. Don't miss this performance replete with choral pyrotechnics and electric harmonies.


First & Franklin Presbyterian Church | 210 West Madison Street | Baltimore, MD 21201 | (410) 728-5545 | Visit   for more information on this and other upcoming events.



Message From Councilman Eric Costello


Through audit reform, our City government has a unique opportunity to further reduce property taxes and improve the quality and scope of City services. That is why I am asking your support for Ballot Question I ("aye", not "one") when you go to the election booth in November.


As you may know, prior to joining the City Council, I was an Auditor with the US Government Accountability Office. This experience has given me a deep appreciation for the benefits to be gained through effective performance and financial auditing.


For the past year and a half, I have worked with the Mayor, City Council, and Comptroller to reform what was known as Quadrennial Audits, a deeply flawed auditing approach that had been watered down through the political process.

The new proposed auditing process ensures that the Administration and City agencies are held accountable to the taxpayers. We are accomplishing this change through an Amendment to the City's Charter, which required and received approval by the City Council and Mayor.


For final approval, citizens need to vote in November on this proposed measure, listed as Ballot Question I. I encourage you to vote "yes" on Ballot Question I.


For more information click here:

Chase Brexton Farmer's Market Fridays and Charm Ball Fundraiser

Real Food Farm's Mobile Farmer's Market truck will be parked on Chase Street (between Chase Brexton and the Belvedere Hotel) every Friday from now through December, from 11:45-12:45. The entire neighborhood is welcome to stop by and pickup their fresh produce.  More about the community farm here:

MVBA Board Candidates for November 15th 2016 Election


Below you will find bios for the MVBA Board Candidates that will have an opportunity to speak at our general membership meeting this Tuesday, October 18th before the elections take place on Tuesday, November 15th.


The general election on November 15th (at our November general membership meeting) is for two general board positions.  The VP position will be voted on by the board only at the November 8th board meeting.

To vote at our November 15th general membership meeting, you must be a member in good standing with MVBA by the close of our upcoming October 18th meeting.


Vicky Aloneftis

My husband and I moved to Mt Vernon because we believe it is a magnificent neighborhood, with great character and great people. Wanting to be part of the revitalization, of the neighborhood, we completed the high quality restoration of 2 formerly derelict townhouses into showcase properties. We trained and still employ local people, use local crafts people and personally worked 24/7 to complete the job.  I am truly vested in the community, and actively involved at a grass-roots level.

I am a board member Midtown Benefits District, serving on the Clean and Safe committees. I believe a Clean, Green, Walkable, Bikeable neighborhoods are places where people want to live, proud to call home, and fundamentally linked with the bigger issues affecting our City (like trash in the Chesapeake Bay), our area and planet


I have made it a priority to work with my neighbors on Clean and Safe issues and I am running for a board position with the MVBA to practically consolidate the work these two organizations contribute to our neighborhood and make their work more visible and relevant to a wider group of residents and business owners.


During this this past year, I have worked to:

a)     Learn about the issues facing our neighborhood, and reached out to neighboring communities, to learn what worked and didn't work.

b)    Daily engaged in practical community outreach on green, clean and safety issues directly with neighbors experiencing problems, and Management Companies that oversea the rental buildings in Mt Vernon

c)     With Midtown Benefits I have initiated a neighborhood survey of public trash cans, fielded in November 2016, the aim of which is to lobby for more public trash cans in our community.

d)    Cultivated a personal relationship with DPW, Midtown and Downtown Partnership to make things happen. I know that personal relationships can change communities for the better, especially in Baltimore.

I understand that we measure our success in Small and Big Wins.  I'm seeking election to the MVBA board to encourage more businesses and quality development in the area. For residents, community engagement, and positive behavioral change through practical efforts. I believe that Clean, Green and Safe streets are inextricably linked, and are the cornerstone of everything that we value, for all the people that call this district home. It's not a given it's something we must fight for daily.


With a 20+ year career in some of the top advertising agencies in NYC and London. I have solid experience in business problem solving for corporate clients, P&L responsibility, and collaborating with large groups of creative (and sometimes unruly) people towards a common goal.


Mario M. Brandhorst

Mario Brandhorst, a lifelong Baltimorean, has called Mount Vernon home for the last 13 years. After graduating from The Baltimore School for the Arts, Mario attended The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University and returned to his hometown in 2003. In 2006, he launched his two Mount Vernon-based businesses, B&H Chimneys and Majer Metal Works.


Both businesses are located in the heart of Mount Vernon at 1004 Morton Street and actively support in maintaining and developing their thriving neighborhood. B&H Chimneys, which Mario co-owns with longtime friend Tim Howell, provides maintenance and installation services while also completing many masonry preservation projects in the neighborhood. Majer Metal Works, also a partnership with fellow BSA alumnus Malcolm Majer, designs and fabricates architectural elements and furniture in wood and metal, often in collaboration with other Mount Vernon businesses. Numerous private residences and businesses throughout Baltimore, including newcomer to Mount Vernon, The Room and neighborhood staple City Cafe, boast projects by Majer Metal Works.


Mario currently resides on the 1300 block of Saint Paul with his fiancée Neekta and neighborhood celebrity Basset Hound, Roxie. He spends his free time enjoying Mount Vernon and all it has to offer.


Ted (Teddy) Davidson

Teddy Davidson (age: 29) was born and raised in Annapolis, MD before graduating from Gilman School and Boston College. He started his career as a Financial Analyst for Spardata, a Maryland-based business valuation firm, before rising to become a Principal and Chief Marketing Officer. Through Spardata, he and four partners created PAR Collective, a Baltimore-based real estate and financial investment group.

Mr. Davidson is also heavily involved in a variety of charitable organizations, currently serving on the Advisory Boards of New Leaders for New Schools and the Gilman School Alumni Association, in addition to serving as the Board Chair for Volunteering Untapped. He also acts as a strategic volunteer for the Baltimore-based non-profit Thread and is currently serving a term as a Tong Zhang Innovation Fellow. He participated in Business Volunteers' GIVE Program in 2013 and was selected as a Living Classrooms Rising Star in 2014. He is also an active member of the Urban Land Institute.


Mr. Davidson also cares deeply about the Mount Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore, including the purchase of a home on Antique Row (Howard Street) in 2013 and serving as Community Manager for The CO-OP, a coworking space at 12 West Madison Street. He also regularly attends MVBA monthly meetings as well as gatherings of the Urbanites.


James Henry

James was formerly a documentarian who produced and directed three documentaries on the Hare Krishnas, Women with Guns, about American women gun advocates, and The "Accident" about the death of a high tibetan lama in India. He's the author of two books, Mind Your Manners! George Washington's Rules of Civility, & The Laws of Love: A Guide to Gallantry.  Currently, he is launching a carpooling service called Karavan, brokering empty seats in long distance car rides people are making anyway. Born in NW DC, he moved directly to Mount Vernon 4 years ago because he values what a cool place Baltimore is and deeply appreciates the elegance and beauty of Mount Vernon architecture.


Rochelle Karina

When my husband and I first moved into the city, Mount Vernon was the neighborhood we chose. The ready availability of restaurants, theaters, and museums were big selling points, to be sure. But the real reasons Mount Vernon so attracted us were not so easy to see. We were charmed by the neighborhood's easy walkability and the beautiful architecture. Having a beautiful green space right outside our door was another bonus. We fell in love with the area... then we met our neighbors and fell in love all over again.

Mount Vernon is the heart and soul of Baltimore. It is the city's historic and cultural district, and home to an incredibly diverse range of people and businesses. And that is what really drew us to the neighborhood.


We moved in August 2011, and we've never looked back. When we moved here, we had just sold a house in Parkton, Maryland and we were not looking to purchase another. We preferred the idea of renting for a while. We've come to love our neighborhood so much; we're once again considering owning.


After having lived here for five years, and considering purchasing in the area, we've made Mount Vernon our home - for the long haul - and I feel it's time to give back to the neighborhood I love so much.


I don't want to write a long, boring biography outlining all of my professional experience and qualifications. Instead, I'll keep this part short:


I'm currently a freelance writer, but previously spent most of my career as a managing editor at a magazine publishing house. I have a strong marketing background and over 20 years of experience in project management. I'm used to juggling multiple deadlines and have managed budgets that range from a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollar projects. The chief advantage of being freelance - I have plenty of time to devote to the MVBA!


My heart, my passion, is a neighborhood that is walkable, safe, accessible, and vibrant. Mount Vernon can, and should be, the shining star of the city. I strongly believe that we need more businesses to look at Mount Vernon as a viable location, and we need to attract more home owners and long-term renters who want to make this neighborhood their home. Making, and keeping, the neighborhood looking nice a key element to attracting both businesses and people - things like trees, beautiful parks, and accessible spaces for people and pets are necessities for city life.


This is an inner-city neighborhood, and there are problems - aging infrastructure to homelessness, crime, and the ever-present rats, just to name a few. While I am not so naïve as to think we can solve all of these problems, we can certainly take steps to bring about positive change. Trash and recycling are keys to not only keeping the city cleaner, but reducing the rat problem. Fostering solid relationships with the police and local businesses, ensuring that neighborhoods are well lit, and encouraging more people to get involved in their community will all help reduce crime rates.


There are no magic fixes, but there is one thing we can do that will help address every problem, help make every situation better, and bring about long-term, lasting solutions... That is involvement. Being involved, being vocal, being visible. Acting to make improvements where we can; doing what little things (or big things) are possible.


These are my visions and thoughts as a five-year resident of the neighborhood. I may not have written a biography that tells everyone all about who I am, and what I do, where I've been, and all of that. But I hope I've managed to write one that speaks instead of my heart, of my love for the neighborhood, and my passion for working together to protect this amazing place where we all work, live, and play.

Find me on Facebook - - and feel free to send me a friend request.


Wesley Stuckey

Wesley Stuckey is a designer, printmaker, and educator originally from Mississippi, now living and working in Baltimore, Maryland.  His work has been published by HOW Magazine, PRINT, Focal Press, Princeton Architectural Press,, a project by SwissMiss, and by Communication Arts. His work has also been featured in exhibitions across the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Mid-West, in Arkansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, and in Chicago, Illinois.  In addition to traditional print design and printmaking, Wesley's work primarily focuses on branding, illustration, and environmental graphics, with the occasional interactive project for the web.


He graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in the Graphic Design MFA Program with Ellen Lupton in 2011. Over the past 5 years, he has taught branding, typography, hand-lettering, web design, and basic design at both the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). He is currently running his own studio practice where he gets to dabble in a little of everything related to design in addition to teaching at MICA.


Over the last seven and a half years, Wesley has made Baltimore his home. Now, as a property owner and a small business owner, he is active in the restoration of two historic buildings. He is also passionate with his work to help local businesses and non-profits grow and build strong relationships with their neighbors and customers. Some of his current and recent clients, locally in Mount Vernon, include The Co-Op, Par Collective, Dooby's, Sugarvale, The Owl Bar, Belvedere & Co, Milk & Honey, Creative Mornings Baltimore, Center Stage Theatre, Concert Artists of Baltimore, Midtown Benefits District, and Mount Vernon Place Conservancy.

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