About Mount Vernon

One of Baltimore’s Most Sought-out Neighborhoods!


In the past few years, Mount Vernon has benefited from a resurgence of interest from residents and visitors.


While real estate values have doubled in much of the region, values in Mount Vernon have increased nearly tenfold since 2000 as a result of a strong demand for the community’s premium architecture, historic protections, urban amenities, and mass transit accessibility (MARC) to Washington DC. 


Little of this, however, is reflected in traditional source data, such as housing sales or census data.  A few single family home sales in Mount Vernon are represented in standard sales data because in almost all cases, new homebuyers have purchased town homes that were classified as multi-unit apartment or commercial properties that have only recently been converted back to owner-occupancy.  Only now are some of these restored homes coming on the market with recent sales of over $1M for single-family residences.  Conversion of absentee-owned townhouse-based apartments to owner-occupancy (single family, or mixed-use) remains a priority for the neighborhood, as the community also works to maintain the immense diversity that has attracted so many to the neighborhood in the first place.


Community support for new development is very strong as evidenced by the community’s overwhelming enthusiasm for the Struever Brothers Eccles and Rouse / Magic Johnson mixed-use development at 1209 N Charles Street.  While a number of development projects, both residential and commercial, are currently taking place, many more such opportunities remain in Mount Vernon.  For more information, contact us at development@mvba.org.


College students who walk to class, and professionals who work here, at the Inner Harbor, or as far away as Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York are just some of the people who are taking advantage of Mount Vernon's convenient location.  Singles and empty nesters, who seek to avoid the monotony of the suburbs, enjoy a wide array of art, music, dining, entertainment, and services just steps from their front door.  Living spaces include single family Victorian row homes, carriage houses, condominiums, apartments in row homes, and several high-rises.  In addition, numerous row houses are being lovingly restored by their owners into single family homes.


An increasing number of individuals and families from different parts of the country and the world are falling in love with Mount Vernon and many have made it their home.  It is all a testimony to the spirit, diversity, and potential of this neighborhood!

Mount Vernon Today

For a century and a half, Mount Vernon has been the heart and soul of Baltimore. One of America’s greatest collections of historic architecture, Mount Vernon is also one of the most dynamic and urbane districts, which gives the neighborhood its special charm. Today, seven thousand residents share this wonderful neighborhood with Maryland’s premier cultural institutions that are steeped in history.


Today, Mount Vernon is being rediscovered by residents and businesses seeking the advantage of an urban lifestyle while enjoying the numerous amenities associated with residing in the area.


Charles Street, Mount Vernon’s main street, is the neighborhood’s natural point of convergence and serves as a crossroad for a number of well-established cultural institutions, including the Walters Art Museum and the Peabody Conservatory of Music. In addition to world-renowned institutions, the Charles Street corridor boasts some of Baltimore’s swankiest cafés and restaurants, bars, night clubs, and coffeehouses, all interspersed in a historic urban fabric that blends old and new. And it is all within walking distance.


Mount Vernon offers its residents, visitors, and businesses easy access to major transportation modes, such as Amtrak’s Pennsylvania Station (known as Penn Station), I-95, I-83, metro-subway, light rail, the Circulator, and MTA bus service, all of which make the neighborhood ideal for commuters. At the same time, Mount Vernon’s location at the heart of the city allows its residents, who work in the area or downtown, to walk to work and enjoy the Harbor area and the surrounding neighborhoods.


Furthermore, Mount Vernon offers its family residents many wonderful cultural, educational and recreational activities.


Whether you want to immerse yourself in culture, take your children to the playground, relax in the parks, enjoy cuisines from around the world or just unwind after work, Mount Vernon has it all!


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