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Established in 1938, the Mount Vernon~Belvedere Association (MVBA) takes its neighborhood seriously. We aim to preserve and restore our neighborhood.  In addition, the association works hard to disseminate information to our residents and businesses about issues that affect our neighborhood, and to inform our visitors of the many exciting activities that take place right here!


More specifically, the mission of the MVBA is to:


  1. Bring together the residents, businesses, and institutions of      Mount Vernon.
  2. Act on matters of common concern and be proactive in  improving and promoting our neighborhood.
  3. Provide a collective voice to address issues of concern that impact the community.


We encourage residents and businesses to join us and get involved with one of Baltimore's oldest and grandest neighborhoods. To join us, please click here:  Join Us

General Information


General MVBA Meetings

The MVBA General Meetings take place on the third Tuesday of each month with the exception of August and December. Meetings are held at the Belvedere Condominiums, Lobby Level, beginning at 7:30 PM.


The MVBA Officers and Board Meetings

The MVBA Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month with the exception of August and December. Meetings are held at 12 West Madison Street at 6:30 PM.


To Contact MVBA Members

To contact Board and Committee members by phone, please call MVBA's main number (410) 528-1919 and select the desired extension from the menu. See list of the Committee Chairs next column.

MVBA's Newsletter

Current and past MVBA newsletters, "The Clarion", are available online in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Click here for the directory. Newsletter Archives

Officers and Directors of the Mount Vernon Belvedere Association


President:  Michele Richter, Email: president@mvba.org

Vice President: Matthew Muir, Email: vicepresident@mvba.org

Treasurer:  Onahlea Shimunek, Email: treasurer@mvba.org

Secretary:  Christine Griffin, Email: secretary@mvba.org

Corresponding Secretary:  Currently Open, Email: corrsecretary@mvba.org



Scott Brillman

Julie Canard

Ted Davidson

Lance Decker

Steve Shen

Wesley Stuckey

Appointed Members:

Ex-officio Members:

Jack Dana

Jason Curtis

Steve Johnson

 Committee Chairs:

Architectural Review:  Steve Shen, Email: arc-chair@mvba.org

Development/Zoning:  Lance Decker, Email: development@mvba.org

Dog ParkSamantha Braun, Geoffrey Hart, Email: dogpark@mvba.org

Trees & Greening:  MJ Dame, Email: trees@mvba.org

Liquor Review:  Eric Evans, Email: liquor@mvba.org

Membership: Julie Canard, Email: membership@mvba.org

Parking, Area 28:  Steve Johnson, Email: parking@mvba.org

Public Safety:  Jason Curtis, Email: safety@mvba.org

Clean and Beautiful:  Michele Richter, Email: cleanandbeautiful@mvba.org


Mt. Vernon Belvedere Association

1 East Chase Street #2

Baltimore, Md 21202

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