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A Safe Mount Vernon!

Living in any urban environment requires that residents and visitors be aware of safety issues.  Safety is a priority of the Mount Vernon-Belvedere Association (MVBA), which works closely with its members and the Baltimore Police Department to ensure that Mount Vernon remains a safe and enjoyable neighborhood.  As part of this process, it is important that residents report any suspicious activities to the Police Department and inform the MVBA Public Safety Chair at

The MVBA, along withThe Midtown Benefits District, local institutions, and the City of Baltimore, played a significant role in the installation of a discreet network of cameras in the area to ensure greater safety to our residents and visitors.  The Safety Committee has also established a method of directly communicating with the Midtown off-duty police and citizens on patrol when they are out patrolling the neighborhood on Segways.  Send text messages to (443) 955-MVBA but also call 911 or 311 as the situation requires.  In many cases, it is important to do both:  911 for immediate response and 311 to create a service record to be used as evidence of an ongoing problem as in the case of a problem establishment or property.

To provide additional hours of security patrols by the Midtown Benefits District officers, individuals, businesses, and property owners can donate additional dollars to support the increased use of patrols.  If you would like to donate to the patrol efforts, please use the following link, credit cards accepted:  Donate

Mount Vernon is located in the Central District

Immediate Response: 911

Non-Emergency: 311

To access 311 Online, click Here.

The Baltimore City Police Department website:

Central District Police Headquarters

500 E. Baltimore Street

Baltimore, MD 21202


Major Kevin Jones

Captain James Rhoden

Additional Phone Numbers:         
Main Number: (410) 396-2411
Fax Number: (410) 396-2171
Detectives: (410) 396-2240
Community Relations: (410) 727-5480



Mt. Vernon Belvedere Association

1 East Chase Street #2

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