Trash/Recycling Schedule
Help Keep our Neighborhood Clean!

The MVBA has been a leader in sanitation education and enforcement in Baltimore, distributing hundreds of trash/recycling bulletins each year to neighborhood residents and working closely with the city's Office of Sanitation Enforcement to assure that illegal dumping is cited. In the past four years, the MVBA has cleared more than three dozen chronic dumping sites, some of which have been problematic for decades.

Trash is picked up Friday mornings. Place household trash outside between 7am-10am. Do not put trash out on Thursday night!

Recycling is picked up Tuesday mornings. Place recycling outside 7am-10am.  Do not put recycling out on Monday night!

Sanitation Rules

If your building has a dumpster or covered trash containers, you may use these at any time.  

Trash and recycling should be placed in the rear of the building unless the rear is inaccessible.

All rental buildings are required to have trashcans for tenants. If your building is lacking trashcans, request them from your landlord immediately and/or report the lack of trashcans as a housing code violation by calling 311 or using 311 online. This can be done anonymously.

Please do not deposit household trash in public wastebaskets.

Trash Holidays

The city does not collect trash on major holidays. Good Friday is one of the days when we do not have trash collection and the Fourth of July frequently falls on one of our collection days as well. Please be alert about holidays falling on Tuesdays and Fridays and keep trash stored until the next regular collection day.


Set out all mixed paper and bottles and cans every Tuesday from 4:30pm-6:30pm. Recycling materials should be set in the same location as you normally place your household trash (Fridays). Recycling is no longer placed in front of your property, unless this is your normal trash pick-up location.

Recyclables are:

* Metal (Aluminum, tin, and steel food and beverage containers)

* Plastic (Bottles and jars marked 1 – 7 on the bottom)
* Glass (Bottles and jars)
* Mixed Paper (All colors, mail, books, newsprint, folders, magazines, cardboard, cereal boxes, office & school paper)

* Wax coated juice/milk containers that are rinsed out.

ONLY the items above are acceptable!

Do not put items such as window glass, used food containers, waxed boxes, NO styrofoam, or aluminum foil into your recycling container.

Do not use plastic bags for your recyclables.
Plastic bags are no longer acceptable.

There are 3 options:
1)  Purchase and use a recycling bin
2)  Use a container of choice that is clearly marked “recycling”
3)  Use a cardboard box

Thank you for keeping Mount Vernon Clean and Green!


Multi-Unit Properties

If a building generates more than four 20-gallon bags of trash per collection day, it is not entitled to city collection and must contract with a private company for that building's sanitation needs. If you know a multi-unit building lacking trash cans or having too much trash to receive city services, please report this through the city's 311 system. This can be done anonymously.

Hours of Collection

According to city ordinance, trash may not be collected between the hours of 11 PM and 7 AM from a residential area (a residence within 100 feet of the dumpster or collection area). If this occurs, call 311, contact the company responsible or the MVBA Sanitation Chair to report this problem.

Placement of Dumpsters and Trash cans

Dumpsters and trash cans are not permitted to be stored on public sidewalks at any time.  Many of our multi-unit buildings have internal trash rooms to accommodate their trash storage between collection days.

Bulk Trash Pick-up
The city will pick-up up to three large items every month. All pick up requests need to be scheduled by calling 311 or filling out the form on line at 311 Online.

If you do have a sanitation issue, please report it to 311 via phone or online or 311 app. You can do this anonymously, and can copy the report number with address to <>. Without a record, the city won't know there's a problem! 

Using 311 for Sanitation Problems

  • Call 311 to report illegal trash dumping
  • Call 311 to request rat abatement in an alley
  • Call 311 to report trash or recycling not collected on schedule
  • Call 311 to schedule collection of all bulk items (furniture, appliances, etc.).
  • Call 311 to request alley cleaning by the city

Go to Baltimore City Service Center to use the city's 311 online system.

Citizen Drop-Off Centers

Northwest Citizen's Convenience Center

2840 Sisson Street

(410) 396-7250

Mon-Sat, 9 am - 5pm

You may take bulk trash items directly to one of DPW's Citizen Drop-Off Center.  See map below


Midtown Benefits District

1120 N Charles Street, Suite 220
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Phone: 410 528-1512
Fax: 410 468-0129

The Midtown Community Benefits District is a citizen-run neighborhood organization authorized by law in 1996 to provide supplemental clean and safe services along with promotional activities for four communities: Bolton Hill, Charles North, Madison Park and Mount Vernon/Belvedere. Its efforts are funded by a taxpayer-approved property tax surcharge. Midtown was created by voter referendum in an effort to make our neighborhoods stronger, better places to live and work. For more detailed information about the Midtown Benefits District, please click on the link above.

Clean Team Services

Sidewalk Cleaning

Our Clean Team mechanically or manually cleans public walkways and gutters. Most streets are cleaned daily, Monday through Friday.  Corner litter baskets are emptied 7 days per week.  Autumn leaf fall is vacuumed, raked and recycled into compost.

Alley Maintenance

We will pick up bulk trash items (except for construction and hazardous materials) and remove illegally dumped items from the alleys by appointment. We trim weeds during the summer months and collect leaves in the fall.

Bulk Trash Removal Requests

Every year, Midtown Baltimore allows each property within the district to have one full truck load of bulk trash removed. This can be redeemed all at once or broken into smaller pickups totaling one truck load throughout the year.

Your items must be left in an easily accessible, public area. In most cases, this is in the rear of your property by the alleyway where the city collects your household trash. If you have a parking pad, please make sure your items are as close to the edge of your property as possible as Midtown crews are not allowed to enter your property.

Green Team Services

Public Space Maintenance:

The Green Team maintains 17 acres of park spaces in the community, including, but not limited to the Historic St. Paul Street Park, the Mount Vernon Children’s Park, the median strips along Mount Royal, Maple Leaf Park, Arnold Sumpter Park, Eutaw Place and the parks of Mount Vernon Square. We also assist various volunteer gardening groups in the district.

Tree Planting


With the support of many neighborhood volunteers and the city’s Forestry Division, the Green Team helps plant and waters hundreds of street trees in the District. We coordinate with the Transportation Department’s Footways Division to have small tree pits enlarged to meet standards established in the Midtown Plan. MVBA's Tree Committee with its many volunteers, has been especially active through the year in enlarging tree pits, creating new tree pits, and planting many new trees.

Safety Services

Safety Patrols

Off-duty Baltimore City Police are contracted to provide enhanced neighborhood patrols within the District on selected evenings and weekends. Patrols are highly visible on our fleet of Segway vehicles, soon to augmented with two club vehicles that will cover more ground quickly and is especially useful during inclement weather.

Safety Information:

Midtown regularly publishes tips and instructions on improving your personal and property safety. Our neighborhoods continue to have among the lowest crime rates in the city.


Mt. Vernon Belvedere Association

1 East Chase Street #2

Baltimore, Md 21202

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